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ZetaTalk: Wealthy Elite
Note: written Sep 15, 1999.

The wealthy elite are sitting on top of the pile and are not interested in losing this position. They have heard, either through innuendo or through their own paid research, that the coming cataclysms are very real. They try to imagine where they’ll be if the banks aren’t solid and they can’t just snap their fingers and order the services they need and intimidate people based on their money. Heaven forbid they should be leveled to the rest of the populace and have to grovel and scratch! They can’t have that! They are trying to figure out what they can do. In the past they could rely on the court system, which is in the main their friend, or large corporations which can threaten to fire or harass those failing to cooperate with the wealthy elite. And of course they have bought politicians right and left.

What are they to do if all of this is aside, and they are just standing there with their useless paper money and their store of goods? Even if they hire people to guard them, that only goes so far. One can have 50 people with assault weapons guarding the perimeter, but depending on what comes at you this may be inadequate. A sheer force of numbers can spill bodies until the guards are overwhelmed, and then the horde is at the gate. So the wealthy elite worry about situations like Mexicans traveling north, the city of LA emptying and charging up into the mountains or going into Utah, into the enclaves there. They sit around and speculate about where to create blocks and prevent that from happening.

This is what contrails really represent. The victims routinely feel very fatigued, ill, like one does if they are suffering from the flu - they can’t move, can’t run, and thus they have been slowed down. Contail induced illness does not kill the victim, it slows them down. The wealthy elite are determining just how effective this is, and finding that it is an effective weapon.

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