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ZetaTalk: Creating One's Destiny
Note: written Sep 15, 1996.

It is broadly felt by many that man can create his own destiny, through his intent, his actions, and his perseverance. Often times humans will comment that this or that is their destiny, or is not their destiny, revealing their belief that such a thing as a destiny exists. Mixed in with general understanding that the future can be shaped by one's actions is an undefined sense that the future is often written, arranged, waiting as it were out there for the human to arrive if only they were to put their feet on the right path. In that many humans have had pre-birth conferences with the birthing guides and frequent conferences with their spirit guides, they are often speaking of their own understanding of conclusions they have come to about their incarnation and their own intentions. Each human's life is in his own hands, and any destiny that he is heading for is shaped only by his own resolve.

However, since the vague sense of destiny seems to have no solid explanation in the physical world, many humans conclude that destiny may be a thing, and that their wishes can make it so, as the feeling that something is waiting for them is so strong and compelling. In these cases the human is clear, in their heart and subconscious mind, within their undying spirit which guides their thoughts and actions, that their future actions could have great import, both on their personal lives and the lives of others. The human can't put their finger on why they have this feeling, so various explanations such as an absolute destiny awaiting one, or an ability to create a destiny by wishing it so, are grasped at to explain their intense sense of a future awaiting them. Especially in those who are undecided about their path, without firm resolve and vacillation about the path to be taken, the sense that a destiny awaits them may become a burning obsession. This represents a war within themselves, and when unresolved in the favor of the path unconsciously sought, results in a human who mulls and broods about a destiny unfulfilled.

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