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ZetaTalk: ZetaTalk Enemies
Note: written Aug 15, 1996.

Our message, as you might have gauged, is not popular. We are effective in debate, which offends the stuffy elite of the scientific establishment who think of themselves as holding the key to knowledge. We abhor scams, especially when the scam is not innocent and will harm millions of innocents, including the children. Since our emissary, Nancy, is being protected in ways it would be unwise to divulge, those lying to mankind on the Usenets find themselves with an adversary they cannot silence! This enrages them. Then there are those who are frightened by the thought that man is not alone in the Universe as an intelligent species. They target our postings with their hysterical denial. Then there are those in the establishment who know we exist but want the populace in general to cling to them and continue to look to them as leaders. They do not want anyone reading our message with an open mind, or even reading it at all, and do their best to throw mud and distractions in the path of open discussion and debate.

Thus, where we and our emissary, Nancy, are heartened by the progress mankind makes, only a fool would fail to guard against sabotage as much as possible. What sabotage, you might ask? If our enemies and those who would silence us cannot do so by killing or maiming or intimidating Nancy, then what avenues might be open to them? Were it not for the copyright laws, and her legal recourse, ZetaTalk would be posted everywhere, but would not be our words. Do you not think that such takeovers of established communication channels occur? This is, in fact, a favorite ploy. Not only do written works get stolen from authors and patented ideas virtually stolen from inventors, when a communicator has a wide audience, as ZetaTalk does, all manner of attempts are made to bribe or threaten the communicator to send out a different message.

We have advised our emissary, Nancy, who is almost limitless in her courage, as to what steps to take to avoid traps. Thus, she applied for and received her Trademark long before she became widely known, received her Internet domain name before her enemies realized what a strong threat she would be, and there were many, many ploys where the enemies of ZetaTalk were led to believe that she was under control and was in line to be subverted, when this was not so. Why was this deception used? It bought time, and created complacency in those who would otherwise have been in full battle. And these ploys worked!

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