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ZetaTalk: New Age Trends
Note: written Jul 15, 1996.

Where the ideas expressed by New Agers are not all that new, having been present in many oriental philosophies and a cornerstone of the Hindu beliefs, their upsurgence and universal application is new. Those espousing what is termed New Age philosophies come in for a lot of abuse because many fear the trend. New Age philosophies are quite the opposite of those espoused by the New World Order crowd, but both will sharpen and escalate in their attempts to influence mankind as the Transformation progresses. Where the New World Order crowd wishes mankind to see itself allied only with humans, and in particular only with those in control of human society, New Age viewpoints stress a universal alliance. Concern for the ecology and recycling efforts are also characteristic of New Age groups, who stress living in harmony with nature rather than brutalizing it. The New World Order crowd has disdain for such concerns, treating ecological concerns as an imposition. It is no coincidence that then President George Bush, a strong advocate of the New World Order, held back committing the US during the most important ecological conference of the century. The battle has commenced, and during the Transformation it is a fight to the finish!

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