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ZetaTalk: Soul of a Continent
Note: written May 15, 1996.

Where South American is a continent targeted by those in the Service-to-Self orientation, the battle is anything but lost. A pitched battle is in process, with a massive number of entities focused on responding to The Call from those living there. Needless to say, the majority of entities responding to this distressed situation are in the Service-to-Others, who are in the majority in the Universe and have the resources. This battle takes many forms, from quiet counsel to those who have given The Call to active engagement between alien groups. Due to the requirement that all alien encounters be recorded only in the subconscious, so as not to raise the level of anxiety on Earth at the current time, battles between aliens in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others are not a matter humans are aware of, except as they may be peripherally involved. By going head-to-head in a formal engagement, those in the Service-to- Other tie up the resources and energies of those in the Service-to-Self, while others of their numbers remain available for direct contact with humans giving The call.

Note: text below added during the Jun 29, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

South American has been won, for the Service-to-Other groups, but all resentment of this decision has not disappeared. Africa is now the focus of intense fighting, and appears to be moving nicely into the Service-to-Other camps too. Because all Service-to-Self alien groups interested in capturing at least a continent on Earth, to continue to attract converts until the Transformation is completed, are moving their troops to the front lines where they are most needed, South America is left to the humans who hoped otherwise. Many battles, even in the past, were a joint effort by humans and aliens. Examples of Service-to-Self teams are the Nazi’s, where Service-to-Self aliens conferred during visitation and suggested how the Jews and others considered undesirable by the arrogant elite might be pushed into hopelessness, the better to push them into Service-to-Self direction. Examples of Service-to-Other teams are the birth of the US as a democracy, as outlined in the book Oahspe, where it was reported that bullets were caught in alien/angel hands, so that those humans fighting to bring about the US as a democracy could succeed. Even today Service-to-Other aliens are meeting on ships with groups of human contactees, all of whom are working together, assisted by Service-to-Other aliens.

Thus, lately, the Americas and Africa have seen these efforts of the Service-to-Self. Cattle mutilations in the US were in the main done by humans, in black helicopters, unmarked, purchased and organized by the wealthy elite who did not want the US public to embrace Service-to-Other aliens as space brothers. This failed, the campaign considered a failure by the Service-to-Self aliens, who left to South America and Africa, and without the assistance of the aliens, the humans could not create impressive mutilations so stopped likewise. Now, in South America, resentful humans are wanting to try their hand at this. South America has had its share of Service-to-Self countries, with the Nazi’s being welcomed there, and it is these strongholds that are trying to drive the public into hopelessness. What is the goal, if they are human, not alien, and are unaware of the afterlife on Service-to-Self worlds? In general, those who perpetrate these frauds want humans atremble, frightened, feeling they must cling to their human leadership. How dare their public feel happy, go about with hope in their hearts, and especially talk about aliens with interest? These human efforts will fail, as all establishments will soon have their hands full with more to worry about, and their minions increasingly make mistakes so it becomes obvious that humans are behind this.

Note: below added during the Dec 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

In the past, during the early days of MJ12, Service-to-Self aliens were the first to arrive and most influential. As with the Nazis in times past, they had their advocates who continued to give the Call to these aliens. This is an individual matter, but as a general guideline, the Service-to-Self aliens answering such a Call gauge how their time might best be spent. What is to be gained, what won, as their task masters are expecting a good return for their efforts, and punishments are not light. The US was formerly the site of many cattle mutilations, now gone and only lingering in South America. Any hope of effecting an Service-to-Self victory in the North American continent was long ago lost, and South American continent is likewise considered a loss to the Service-to-Self. Thus, Bush Sr. and others who aligned tightly with the Service-to-Self aliens in the past have lost out, been abandoned, though they hardly agree to this and keep trying. It is not that they, the humans, have changed, it is just that their Call gets little attention, and no resources.

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