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arrows ZetaTalk: Coordination
Note: written Dec 15, 1995.

Increasingly, during the Transformation, contactees are beginning to work together. They find each other not by accident, not because they are browsing over the same books at the book store, not because they are members of the same organization, but because they have been introduced to each other behind the scenes and have plotted their meeting time and place. It is we, and our brethren in the Service-to-Other, who respond to The Call of many by arranging these opportunities, which are warmly received and acted upon. These meetings result in marriages, business arrangements, friendships, philanthropic connections, and long range planning galore.

Survival groups are very unobtrusively arranging themselves. Neighbor to neighbor talks, people meeting in their normal association and identifying each other more so than any kind of organized activity where they answer an ad placed in the paper. They are in fact migrating to live close to each other regionally, and by this they are being guided since often they are meeting each other as contactees. They are most often not unaware on a conscious level of why they are making the moves that they are making. They make all manner of excuses, pick up and move, change occupations, and find themselves in an area where they get along better with the neighbors and their particular skill set meshes nicely. This will increasingly happen as the time arrives and even after, where those survivors will migrate following their instincts more than anything and finding each other.

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