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ZetaTalk: Misinterpreted Messages
Note: written Nov 15, 1995.

Many efforts have been made in the past to prepare the people of Earth for the coming cataclysms and the spiritual Transformation that will follow. These efforts are reflected in the general perception that the approaching millennium will bring great change, perhaps the End of the World, perhaps a Rapture into a state of bliss, a Heaven on Earth, perhaps the appearance of an Antichrist, a nuclear holocaust, or all of these possibilities at once. As with most serious messages given to those who can only partially understand, the messages were misinterpreted - partly understood, partly misunderstood, partly skipped altogether, and partly generated by the listener to fill in the blanks. Most serious efforts to impart information about the coming pole shift and spiritual Transformation to follow have included the following:

Where the above parallels the Christian understanding of the coming millennium, other cultures and religions will likewise have parallel myths and prophecies. If one reads them with insight they almost make sense.

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