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ZetaTalk: Life Changes
Note: written Oct 15, 1995.

Contactees who have become comfortable with their understanding of the alien presence and any role they have volunteered to perform during the Transformation are seldom passive. They reflect this in their daily life, as is inevitable following any overreaching concept grasped or heavy commitment. Just as the decision to settle down into married life can often be read by others, as perhaps taking up cooking or giving up singles parties, likewise the awakened contactee can often be recognized. The signs are subtle and in the normal course of human events would leave no mark, in that the alien presence is seldom discussed. But the awakened contactee changes, in not so subtle ways, the whole course of their life. The impact can be equated to joining the priesthood or the peace corps or the military. The contactee's whole life is affected.

As the Transformation is now, if the awakened contactee has chosen a role they seldom delay. Those in Service-to-Others, of whom we are speaking, want to assist with preparations for the cataclysms or helping mankind understand what is to befall them and its import. Frequently these contactees are already in responsible roles, acting, as Service-to-Others do, as a mainstay for others. Stepping up to larger responsibilities does not concern them, but those who have come to rely on the contactee are frequently alarmed. Life changes are planned and enacted by the contactee, who often is grimly determined and turns a deaf ear to complaints. Not infrequently a well paying job is dropped so that more time can be spent on the pressing tasks at hand which the contactee is eager to take up. A spouse or children who have to curtail their standard of living or move to more modest quarters are often furious. Family and friends are sent to argue with the contactee, who is, in their eyes, failing to listen to reason. What's gotten into him? Mental illness is suspected but discarded when none of the classic symptoms show up. Sometimes divorce or alienation from the family results. Often old friends who fail to understand are dropped and new friendships are developed among those of a like mind.

Contactees thus awakened and mobilized find each other, in some small part as we guide them to do so in response to their call to us. They take up work with each other, forming teams, and fill their hearts and minds with the satisfaction that results, as a salve for the concurrent pain of loss they often must bear.

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