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ZetaTalk: Belief Systems
Note: written Sep 15, 1995.

During the Transformation some things line up nicely and undergo change smoothly and other things are on a collision course. Where people hold belief systems that stand at odds to information increasingly accepted by the populace as fact - a crisis is in the making. As with the crisis a round Earth presented to those convinced the Earth was flat, or the crisis the bones of Early Man presented to those convinced man was formed in a day - the alien presence presents a crisis to those convinced that man is the only intelligent species in the Universe or was brought forth by God in his likeness. This crisis is not peculiar to the highly religious, but as the precepts of many religions align with such concepts, the devout are prone to find themselves in this position.

On the first point, that man is the only intelligent species, the belief system is assaulted on all sides. Space ships indicating interstellar travel, feats such as rapid travel or disappearance, reports from contactees of medical miracles or genetic engineering feats, the ability to levitate objects - all point to a higher intelligence than Homo Sapiens possesses. Those resisting this fact must either capitulate and admit what their senses and logic are telling them or turn the other way and refuse to even contemplate the onslaught of information. These people are not hard to identify. They turn red in the face and start shouting their beliefs when presented with facts that challenge those beliefs, as though the argument were to be settled by volume.

On the second point, that man was made in God's image, the belief system places the individual in the position of having to choose. Either the belief can be broadened to include all life as being in God's image, placing Homo Sapiens in a peer relationship with other intelligent life forms, or the belief system holds and the alien visitors are held to be ungodly - demons. Here too the individual rigidly clinging to a belief system at odds with the facts can be recognized. As more and more information on the variety of intelligent life forms is made available, this individual turns away from the discussion with a dark face, muttering warnings.

How should those eager for the Transformation and comfortable with the new concepts being presented deal with those so rigidly caught in inappropriate belief systems? Pressing the facts on them does little good, as resistance only increases under pressure. In fact, the opposite approach works best. Make a casual comment now and then, but back off the subject. Do not confront. Let the facts work their magic, as they often do.

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