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ZetaTalk: Second Coming
Note: written Aug 15, 1995.

Regarding the return of Jesus, much ballyhoo is spread about this possibility, especially among fundamental Christians, who see this as the reward for any hardship they endure. Like most of the Bible, this has been misunderstood, and the intended message got skewered. The predictions of Moses should not be taken literally, as he spoke in allegory and from hope. The intended message relates to the Transformation, where the Earth will become a home for those in the Service-to-Others orientation. Jesus was saying, at that time the Earth will be like a home to me, where I and others operating in the Service- to-Others orientation will feel comfortable and at home. When he was understood to be saying that he would return, he was in fact using the royal we, referring to all those in the Service-to- Others orientation. In this regard, the efforts by various Service-to-Others groups such as the Nordics, Pleiadeans, and ourselves can be seen as having a mission similar to that of Jesus.

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