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ZetaTalk: Natural Resources
Note: written Aug 15, 1995.

Given man's rapacious nature, at the current rate of population explosion, most of the Earth's biological resources would be exterminated within decades. Those that remained, beyond cultivated crops and animals, would be deep within the sea or in barren cold places where pollution had not spread because man did not choose to live there. The cataclysms, of course, will change all that, more than evening the odds between man and nature. But were it not for the cataclysms, mankind would utterly destroy the biological diversity of this world, plundering the seas until chain reactions set in to decimate populations not even targeted by man. Penguins, who eat fish, cannot migrate to warmer climates if the fish decline - they can only weaken and succumb to the cold. Kelp beds, the great oxygen machine of the Earth, are already damaged by the harsh rays of the Sun which the depleted ozone layer is failing to filter. The kelp beds stand at the base of the food chain for many thousands of life forms, in one form or another. For instance, some life forms require the kelp beds for protection, shelter. On land man's senseless greed has left so many scars we need not retell the tragedy.

Where ecological battles are sometimes won, the line held, the steady press of teeming masses of humans would soon turn the tide. Everything would be sacrificed, as has always been the case. Except for isolated instances of land purchased for parks, or set aside for wild life, when has man not simply rolled over the landscape like a horde of locusts, leaving in its wake dead waters reeking of noxious chemicals, top soil blown to the winds, forests clear cut for the convenience of greedy operators, and wildlife out in the open and without protection hunted to extinction for sport. Will these trends continue after the Transformation? They will, but due to setbacks during the cataclysms, they will essentially stop, and as attitudes will change during the Transformation, raping the Earth will cease. The Earth's natural bounty will be allowed to renew, the new race of man living in harmony, not clashing, with nature.

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