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ZetaTalk: Explanations
Note: written during the August 3, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

When Planet X becomes visible in the Fall leading into 2003, to amateurs, it will be called alternatively noise, a fleeting comet, a fleeting nova, or a delusion. Only images can register something, and few amateurs have the equipment to register an infrared object. Also, the bending of red light, which allow the amateur to find the object when he/she looks around the spot, will continue to support ridicule so that it is stated that different objects are being sighted. But as Planet X becomes visible in the skies to amateurs during the Fall leading into 2003, and increasing in size so that those without the aid of scopes can see it by Spring of 2003, and as the weather extremes increase to the point of making the general populace frantic, demanding explanations from scientists, and as earthquakes increase in frequency, destroying cities, and bridges and rail lines continue to fault, without explanation of the human scientists who are at a loss for why this is occurring now, the establishment will increasingly look to explanations to give to the populace that will placate them.

This is our current assessment of the establishment approach to explanations, beyond what is currently being presented, i.e. Global Warming. As the Earth changes become intense, and the populace frantic and their governments drunk with confusion and fear, other approaches may emerge, we predict. Leaks will come out as to the real cause, and the devastation to expect. Given greater information in the public's hands, sites such as Troubled Times, as we have predicted, will find themselves suddenly inundated with mass interest. Get ready!

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