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ZetaTalk: Around the Globe
Note: written during the Apr 13, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The issues facing the Bush Administration are not unlike those facing all other governments, except for certain awareness of the coming event. With or without the inside track on Planet X and the potential of a coming pole shift, all governments are faced with the following concerns:

When to tell.
This involves determining with some degree of certainty that a pole shift, or even a close passage, will occur. In that those countries, which are few, and in that those individuals in those countries aware, which are likewise a close group of small numbers, are not the majority of countries, most countries are hesitant to say anything. Even in those countries where the leadership is aware, and watching the inbound planet increase in size in accordance with our predictions, they hesitate for the following reasons.
  1. The orbit and path and speed of the inbound planet, per ourselves, the Zetas, are so outside of human understanding of astrophysics.
  2. The argument that a wrong warning can do more damage than waiting, keeps those who would issue a warning in check.
What to tell.
The issue of what a crust shift would mean, what direction, what speed, what impact on coast lines, is so much in doubt among scientists discussing this that the political leadership hardly knows what to say. Should they just relay what ZetaTalk states? This results in so much heated debate that it never moves forward. Since the leadership does not know what to say, in explaining what they expect to happen, they cannot move forward and fall mum.
What to advise.
Even should the leadership of a country decide that they must say something in warning, and at least can explain the various theories about potential impact, they are left with the issue of what to advise. Even good hearted leadership might be stymied if there is nothing the populace can do, in the main, to save itself.
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