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ZetaTalk: Live ZetaTalk
Note: written Feb 15, 2002

With all of ZetaTalk we jointly decide matters. Nancy suffers from various health problems, is not a young person, works extraordinarily hard, and is carrying a huge workload. Thus, we must consider her needs [re the Live ZetaTalk IRC Sessions]. As a team, we were also looking for a time when the world as a whole could participate. Nancy posted suggestions, and this time was not objected to much, so is currently the time [for the sessions]. It is possible to have more, other times, but for now this seems to be sufficing. We are not allowed to warn of Earth changes other than the broad message of the coming shift, for instance, in response to the Call. To alert that there is a likely quake due in this or that part of the world is considered interference, parenting, and not allowed. To step in and attempt a warning would send us packing! So, we hold our breath and say nothing.

As with all of ZetaTalk, teams are assembled based on the expected questions. We indeed know who will be attending, who plans to ask what, and sense new questions arising before they are voiced. In that we are highly telepathic and can assemble a team in an instant, this is not problem to change the participant mixture. We have a broader range of specialties than humans imagine, as we come from many different worlds, and have lived more lifetimes, in a more technological society. We are multi-faceted, but as most humans have discovered, they can contribute more with some specializing. Are we physically present? No, we stay at our tasks, perhaps taking a break in part to participate. Telepathic brain waves go long distances, are highly tuned as to frequency, and we are all participating as though picking up a phone! Thus, we are ahead of you, at all times.

Will Live ZetaTalk continue after the shift? Where will Nancy be? Will she be connected via the Internet? Short wave, as we have mentioned, is the best means of humans to contact one another. For those Service-to-Other communities that will setup with this means, inability to link due to a hilltop missing an antenna will not be a problem. They will find this network intact! Angels at work. We mentioned during a prior chat that Nancy has been invited to live with us, in hybrid communities. Those humans invited into these communities know who they are, and have either declined or quietly accepted. This is not necessarily an easy life, as we bustle. There is not an idle moment, in spite of fatigue, and no quarter given to weakness such as the need for a good cry or a distraction. Thus, as hard as Nancy works, she can expect to work harder, experience more grief, in her old age. The means of communication is being deliberately withheld at this moment, for obvious reasons. The self centered, the power hungry, the elite desperate to continue their grip, are trying to position for the future. More as the hour of the shift approaches.

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