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ZetaTalk: Avoided
Note: written Jan 15, 2002

We advise the populace to not cling to the establishment, regardless of any offers they may make, as the pole shift approaches. We advise that the elite will make offers of employment, to the recently unemployed, with the plan to make slaves of those accepting these offers. We advise that moving or remaining next to military bases, or cities with a heavy load of government workers employed there, is to be avoided. We advise that there are certain known locales in the US where a carry-on government is known to be established. Beyond these obvious factors, what else is a clue that the establishment is setting a trap?

Within a town or city, the Service-to-Self will continue to take advantage, as they do today. This is why we advise to not be in a city, as these games will take some time to run their course until the Service-to-Self find themselves out of luck, and in the meantime the Service-to-Other may not survive either. The best approach is to move to rural areas, where the Service-to-Self are least likely to go as the pickings are not good. The Service-to-Self prefer rich enclaves, first, then cities where there are many families and stores to loot, and least of all, rural areas, especially as the going will be on foot. Those caught in towns, with the Service-to-Self, had best keep a low profile, and next ally with other Service-to-Others to do bait and switch. By this we mean to set the Service-to-Self up, leading them to believe they are about to pounce on Service-to-Others to loot and toy with them, but will instead find themselves trapped in a basement, with no way out. Bear in mind that trapping a looter, who intends you no service, and giving him what he planned to give you, is not cruel, it is Karmic justice.

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