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ZetaTalk: Source
Note: written Jan 15, 2002

Nancy is frequently asked the source of her information, which is ourselves. This has been explained, repeatedly, and is well documented on the ZetaTalk web site. Nancy is a contactee, who has volunteered to be a communicator during these troubled times. She volunteered before birth, her spirit volunteering, and has had no problems during this incarnation with her mission. To enhance her ability to understand the concepts we are presenting, she allowed herself to be modified in her late 20's with a bit of our brain tissue, DNA compatible with hers, which allows her to better receive our telepathic communications. The portion of her brain thus modified affects only telepathic communications, so Nancy is otherwise herself. Thus, the source of her information is, truly, us, none other.

As her source, we have provided what soon became known as ZetaTalk, of world renown. The information relayed by us is sometimes foreign to Nancy, sometimes familiar. She was introduced to the concept of radical Earth changes, but not the date. This was revealed to her during ZetaTalk, as 2003, [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] a surprise to her as well as others. We kept this as a surprise to her so that she could function normally in the world she had to live in until her mid-50's. ZetaTalk Accuracy is also something not planned by Nancy, as she simply relays what we communicate and, as she says, "jumps off the cliff". She has no way of knowing if this is correct or not, and having put her life and livelihood at risk, she just trusts.

Why should humans trust ZetaTalk, when so many other channels or claims are speaking at odds with it? Nancy is not religious in her trust, or ours in hers. We have known each other for many incarnations, and have a long track record with each other. Religions ask for faith without any basis, demand it, often, and thus have less basis for trust than between team members. We predict, and our predictions can be tracked. Sources that do not so predict cannot be determined to be anything but disinformation or hot air. Are we the Devil, leading you astray? Is your best friend doing so, or your mother, or your government? How do you determine that? You balance what is being said against what you know, and make a determination. In the case of ourselves, via ZetaTalk, you must do the same.

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