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ZetaTalk: Safe Havens
Note: written Oct 15, 2001

Where we have mentioned that increasing polarization will occur, between those in the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self orientation, this will become noticeable and even publicly announced during 2002. The population of the Earth, to the extent that it could travel and move about or establish economic interests in a country of choice, has been polarizing for some decades, such that the Scandinavian countries have become supportive social democracies and the entire continent of Africa has been enslaved or brutalized for economic reasons. On a local level, communities living almost within shouting distance of each other have likewise polarized, families choosing to move or maintain friendships based on their orientation. Thus, within a city, one suburb may be strongly Service-to-Other in their support of community needs while another is filled with self focused individuals ignoring each other and intent on personal agendas. So how does a community announce that it is of a certain orientation, if this is to occur?

Sensing that troubled times are soon at hand, many strongly in the Service-to-Self will attempt to line up a soft life for themselves, where they can be in control of others and dictate the daily events. This takes the form of attempts at leadership, and offering a safe haven to desperate people unable to do anything but grab a life-line. These safe havens, of course, will be anything but that, and are in essence slavery and abuse. Such offers, to the public at large or to selected groups recently made desperate by disasters in their communities, take the form of offers of assisted relocation, guaranteed work, loans with easy payment terms, and joining a community of supportive individuals. A quick determination of the sincerity of such offers can be done by gauging the longevity of the organization. How long have they been in business? If new, why have they not formed earlier when human suffering is not new? Organizations offering self-help, where those in need are empowered with no strings attached, are relatively safe. Organizations which would put the individual or family in a potentially stranded situation are highly suspect.

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