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ZetaTalk: Establishment Reaction
Note: written during the July 2001 sci.astro debates. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Over the past 50 years, during the time that a small group of individuals within the US government and NASA were aware of our warning of a pending pole shift in 2003, their stance has changed. At first, there was incredulous disbelief, and the argument that we must be lying to them for all manner of dark reasons. Due in no small part to the predictable and measureable slowing rate of the Earth, which we predicted at the start of our dialog with this group, we gained credibility. The sighting of the inbound Planet X by the IRAS team in 1983, at our very coordinates, clinched this. At this point, this group's reaction turned primarily from discussions on whether it could be so, to be predominantly what to do about it.

  1. The first reaction was to save their own skins. This had been a theme all along, but reached a fever pitch. Going to Mars to escape the carnage and return when the dust had settled is a highly visible escape plan, as it requires public funding for the mission, though the sponsors are trawling about among the rich, feverishly. This plan is so fraught with risk that has never been the main trust for those determined to save their own skins at all costs, and to hell with the general public. Underground complexes developed during the cold war were more seriously considered, as they were in existence, secret, well stocked, and under the control of those who were aware of the inbound Planet X's existence. But in view of the severe earthquakes that will accompany the passage, this escape plan also carries risk. The caverns could become tombs, burying those seeking shelter there alive.
  2. The second reaction was to divert or destroy the inbound Planet X. Nuke it. Push it. Perhaps even move the Earth out of the way. The public face of this plan is the Star Wars press and movies such as Deep Impact and Asteroid and Armageddon, wherein NASA et all save the day. If the White House is casual about Global Warming, supposedly causing all the weather irregularities, they are intense about Star Wars, risking a breach with other major powers to push this forward. They have no workable plan, nor will any succeed, but they want the infrastructure in place as an option anyway.
  3. A third reaction, given the failure of an viable escape from or diversion of Planet X, is to remain on top during any survival, to rule as kings in the forthcoming era. This requires that the public consider the government as leaders, information sources, caretakers, and responsible. If the government is seen as lying to them on many fronts, the opposite will occur. In that the alien presence is increasingly becoming accepted by the general public, though mass sightings and open discussions the government and major media have no control over, they determined they should stop lying so broadly about this issue. In that Planet X is now visible by observatories, as an object now lacking in the star charts, and will soon be visible to the general public, the cover-up on Planet X is not only due to fall apart, it will prove to be a reason to distrust the government.

Thus, the public is being treated to an expedited education on matters the elite have been aware of for some time. Intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe. Many lifebearing planets exist, and nearby. Traveling planets such as Planet X, and smoldering brown dwarfs, are possible. Stay tuned, as more deliberate leaks bring you closer to what the major powers and elite have known for some time!

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