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Approximately three months ago I decided to check your statements regarding atomic clocks being slowed down to fool the masses. I purchased a cheap quartz manual clock at the local store ($10) and set the time on it to match the atomic clock in Boulder, CO. I then used three different brand cell phones connected to different providers (ATT, Sprint, etc...) and set their time to match my cheap quartz clock. The cell phones options to auto-update time were not set up to this point and therefore, never changed once set. I checked the accuracy of all the clocks by leaving this option off at first and verifying they all stayed within a couple of seconds of each other over a one month period. However, after setting the auto-update option to "ON" on the cell phones, all hell broke loose so to speak. All the cell phones regularly update the time every morning and sometimes two or three times per day. The phones each seem to have their own quirks; one will suddenly change to military time and then back an hour later.

During the time period a couple of weeks ago when you stated the Navy had stopped playing games and reversed the clocks, I too noticed my four test clocks suddenly were all in sync for about a two week period (roughly April 5 to April 18). Before and after that, up to this date, the clocks are increasingly off in the direction you indicate per a planet slow-down (manual clock ahead of the cell phone clocks). Strangely, the clocks have been varying less over the last couple of weeks and then more at times. They are definitely off. .Just not consistently increasing. At the extreme point approximately one month ago, the clocks registered a minute and a half difference from the manual clock. That is too much difference to be accounted for. The clocks are currently 12 seconds difference from the manual clock. Resetting all clocks was done one week ago (May 3).

I can testify that something or somebody is fooling with the clocks big time.

Offered by Kent.

Where in the past my computer clock has been gaining time compared to Atomic clocks, May 9 reading shows USNO/CAN gaining time against my clock (9-10 seconds worth) compared to 2-5 seconds per 24 hours loss in past readings. Seconds shown per clock is time behind my computer clock at daily observation.

May 6
  2 - 54 sec
  4 - 54 sec 
May 7
  1 - 58 sec
  2 - 58 sec
  3 - 58 sec
  4 - 58 sec 
Watched clocks loss 4 seconds to computer clock 

May 8
  1 - 64 sec
  2 - 64 sec
  3 - 64 sec
  4 - 64 sec 
Watched clocks loss 6 seconds to computer clock 

May 9
  1 - 55 sec
  2 - 54 sec
  3 - 55 sec
  4 - 54 sec 
Watched clocks gain 9 to 10 seconds to computer clock 

Internet Clocks used:

Clock 1
Clock 2
National Research Council Canada
Clock 3
Clock 4

Offered by JWilliam.