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As noted during the Mar 22, 3003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session:

SIGNS of the TIMES #2: Slowing Rotation CONFIRMED
I started a few weeks ago my observations to try and determine if we were gaining time as alleged. Results: Comparing a high precision, multi jewel, 8 day, manual clock designed for Russian nuclear submarines against a radio 'sync' battery clock that adjusts to the governments atomic clock(s), we are absolutely gaining time daily, it is easy to measure and observe. A close friend whom works for a very large evironmental consultant company, has reluctently stated this week that they can no longer keep their flow meters in sync with the atomic clock as required, they are perplexed. My home telephone voicemail clock which is maintained by my local phone company (Sprint) and which I signed up for a few years ago is now off 10 full minutes. And also, the nearby competing phone company's (Cinn. Bell) internal phone voicemail clock is off by 7 minutes, per my discussion with one of their System Analyst.
SIGNS of the TIMES #3: Slowing Rotation COVERUP
From a British website news page: "Never set your watch again! Does anyone really know what time it is? Well, the U.S. Government wants to, so they created the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a component of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Time and Frequency Division, located in Boulder, Colorado, maintains the F-1 Fountain Atomic Clock, the nation's standard of time. This clock neither gains nor loses a second over a one million year period. This clock is used to create an international time scale, which NIST distributes through its radio stations.