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Warning: the figures below are for Bordeaux so please add time shift between France and the States. Translation example:

       Soleil Fevrier 2003 = Sun February 2003

The city of Bordeaux is latitude 44° 50' 7" N, longitude 0° 31' 39" W, Greenwich. To read the data table on Sun rise/set, secured from the web site for Bordeaux, translation example:

             Date               Rise         Passage           Set
        Samedi     1         8h 23m 32s    13h 15m 39s    18h  8m 22s  

Offered by H.

  Heures de lever et coucher du SOLEIL en temps légal à BORDEAUX
   (latitude 44° 50'  7" N, longitude  0° 31' 39" W Greenwich)
                heure été : Dimanche 30 Mars 2003
              heure hiver : Dimanche 26 Octobre 2003

                         Lever         Passage        Coucher

 Samedi    1           8h 23m 32s    13h 15m 39s    18h  8m 22s    
 Dimanche  2           8h 22m 22s    13h 15m 47s    18h  9m 48s    
 Lundi     3           8h 21m 11s    13h 15m 54s    18h 11m 13s    
 Mardi     4           8h 19m 58s    13h 16m  0s    18h 12m 39s    
 Mercredi  5           8h 18m 43s    13h 16m  5s    18h 14m  5s    
 Jeudi     6           8h 17m 27s    13h 16m 10s    18h 15m 31s    
 Vendredi  7           8h 16m  9s    13h 16m 13s    18h 16m 57s    
 Samedi    8           8h 14m 49s    13h 16m 16s    18h 18m 23s    
 Dimanche  9           8h 13m 28s    13h 16m 18s    18h 19m 49s    
 Lundi    10           8h 12m  6s    13h 16m 20s    18h 21m 15s    
 Mardi    11           8h 10m 42s    13h 16m 20s    18h 22m 40s    
 Mercredi 12           8h  9m 16s    13h 16m 20s    18h 24m  6s    
 Jeudi    13           8h  7m 49s    13h 16m 19s    18h 25m 31s    
 Vendredi 14           8h  6m 21s    13h 16m 18s    18h 26m 56s    
 Samedi   15           8h  4m 52s    13h 16m 15s    18h 28m 21s    
 Dimanche 16           8h  3m 21s    13h 16m 12s    18h 29m 46s    
 Lundi    17           8h  1m 49s    13h 16m  8s    18h 31m 11s    
 Mardi    18           8h  0m 16s    13h 16m  4s    18h 32m 35s    
 Mercredi 19           7h 58m 41s    13h 15m 58s    18h 33m 59s    
 Jeudi    20           7h 57m  6s    13h 15m 52s    18h 35m 23s    
 Vendredi 21           7h 55m 30s    13h 15m 46s    18h 36m 47s    
 Samedi   22           7h 53m 52s    13h 15m 39s    18h 38m 10s    
 Dimanche 23           7h 52m 14s    13h 15m 31s    18h 39m 33s    
 Lundi    24           7h 50m 34s    13h 15m 22s    18h 40m 56s    
 Mardi    25           7h 48m 54s    13h 15m 13s    18h 42m 18s    
 Mercredi 26           7h 47m 13s    13h 15m  4s    18h 43m 41s    
 Jeudi    27           7h 45m 31s    13h 14m 54s    18h 45m  3s    
 Vendredi 28           7h 43m 48s    13h 14m 43s    18h 46m 24s