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I checked out the NEIC web site and found out there were 23 earthquakes of magnitude 5.9 or above. That is about 1 a day. NEIC claims that on average there are only about 1 such earthquake every 3 days.

Offered by Ehsen.

Last 5 days; a 7.9 in Alaska, a 7.7 near Sumatra, the two 5.somethings in Italy with Etna blowing, and also a Volcano erupting in Pakistan, with a 5.+ earthquake there. Also a big one in Northern Japan. In the last 30 days, 108 earthquakes of 5 or above. Sounds like a lot. A 7.5 just hit Ascension Island (Near St. Helena) and a 5.2 in Southern Japan. Plus another volcano, this time in Quito, Ecuador. A sudden increase.

Offered by Kirk.

An article on the Rense site in turn leads to this URL listing earthquakes 6+ and above. 500 earthquakes just since 20 August 2002 (listed bottom of page of above URL) Wow!

Offered by Richard.

Swarm earthquakes Manchester UK
Swarm earthquakes Tawian
Swarm earthquakes Alaska
They all seem to be 5.0km depth. Strange.

Offered by Cliff.