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A couple of weeks ago I asked this list [tt-watch] about further information about the earth heating from the inside out. The response led me to believe that most were as in the dark, as I was, about corroborating information. Then, today's Awakening posting showed up at my cyber doorstep with a very interesting article tucked away on page 5 about the warming of the Sea of Japan. Not necessarily a “smoking gun” but very compelling nonetheless. Rather than capsulize it, I thought I'd share a few things that caught my attention.

  1. It mentions deep sea warming a couple of times. This is the first time that I've ever seen, in print, a reference to the warming of the depths (re:core)of the ocean. The article goes on to suggest that it would be no surprise if the phenomenon continues.
  2. The reason given for the warming is that a “bitter winter wind” funnels through a mountain range each year cooling the sea (by creating an unusual downward vertical current that cools the lower depths) in far eastern Russia, thus implying that the surface temperatures have been warmer in the vicinity giving rise to warmer winds. Now, I reserve the right to be wrong, but I was under the impression that northern and eastern Russia (Siberia, etc.) were experiencing the coldest winter on record. I imagine that those “bitter winter winds” were as cold as they had ever been! It seems to me that the “explanation” then, is wrong.
  3. Another interesting item was the temperature increase figures given in regard to both global warming (in general) and the Sea of Japan. It states that records show that the earth has already “warmed 0.6 degrees celsius in the past 100 yrs.” And yet, according to a researcher, the Sea of Japan's temps have risen 1.5 - 3 degrees over the last 50 yrs! That is a staggering difference and seems to fly in the face of conventional warming wisdom!
  4. This is also the first article, that I have seen, which actually confirmed what is known on these lists. It said “this may be behind the recent increase in droughts and floods worldwide”. The increases are acknowledged! Don't know what your reactions will be, but a couple of nagging questions were well on their way to being answered for me today.

Offered by Kevin.

As you may know there are many vents deep under water that are of volcanic origin. The spew superheated water and thus create their own ecosystems, some which have been photographed. Does you post possibly have something to do with this?

Offered by Stephen.

I was aware of the volcanic vents. But am not aware of any written source confirming increased vent activity. Thats what I was referring to, sources that verify increased activity of that nature as well as anything confirming core heating in general.

Offered by Kevin.

I can't find anything further regarding earth warming from the inside out either; only what National Geographic has to offer. There is voluminous material available on oceanographic research in areas ranging from A to Z, but I don't think The Establishment has any intention of releasing anything pertinent to the fact that the approaching planet has already begun it's sinister work from below. Even, as it is so obvious to "inquiring minds", the usual commentary offered to the public as to the cause of the great ice sheet melt is attributed to warming ocean currents, solar radiation, shifting winds, etc, etc. - no mention of the softening interiors of the great ice caps, or the permafrost in polar regions. Good luck!

Offered by Mike.