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When daylight savings time ended on the 26 Oct 97, while changing my clocks, I suddenly realized, that my digital clocks are now running about 1 minute faster over a 6 month period of time as compared to 4-5 years ago. One of my watches I have had almost 10 years. For the first 5 years it was about 20 to 30 sec fast each six months now it’s 1 min 33 sec fast over the last six months. But then my second watch is showing the same extra additional approximately 1 min fast. I began to question could a battery operated digital quartz watch run faster with time (which I doubt), was this a battery worn out phonemena (didn’t happen in the past years) or was I beginning to measure the gradual slowing of the planet. I began to think back for the last few years, - remembered each year the majority of my clocks were running fast.

I then realized that if the slow down of the earth is causing this extra 1 minute then we have the capability of tracking and measuring earth rotation speed. If my 1 minute is somewhat accurate then the time loss is now big enough to start measuring. Thinking the government may try to hide this I began to think of how we could do our own crude but effective measurements. The following is a possibility - tell me what you think.

Summary: We would use the best clocks and watches that we all have available to each of us now. We would keep track of comparing standard time to our individual clock time over the next 3-6 months to establish a base line. Continue to take measurements at approximate 3-6 month intervals for now and shorter intervals as we get closer to PS. Collect and average then publish the results in TT at periodic times. The first time to publish would be 6 months to a year from now.

Offered by Mike.