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Here is something that looks to be a description of what things were like in Egypt at the last passage of Planet-X. I note that in the passing, Earth would have been swept by the tail of comets and debris following the passing giant brown dwarf, and Earth's atmosphere would have been clouded with red dust if this passing were close enough. This dust would have created many of the effects we observe in the description of conditions as they were in Egypt at that time. The Ipuwer papyrus is an average eye-witness account of the time of Exodus in Egypt. This is just something else for you to consider. The Biblical references to "turning the seas red with blood" and the "moon shown red as blood in the sky" are probably also the observations of phenomena directly caused by the passage of Planet X, if it were to sweep the Earth with its tail. All of this, IMHO, but the papyrus is authentic.

Offered by Russel.