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An Alternative Opinion of Global Warming
Millennium Group, March, 1999

Global Warming is not a proved phenomena, but after two record-setting warm years in a row, and the mildest winter I can remember, there are some pretty good indications. Many Scientists apparently agree, and delving into the cause of the increasing heat usually finds the blame in human made pollution. Doctor Henrik Svensmark sites the various possible causes of Global Warming and decides that pollution is the weakest possible cause. This is because the growth rate of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has declined in recent years and the increase in Global temperatures has climbed steadily.

As an alternative cause, Dr. Svensmark provides evidence that the Earth is heating up from the core. One of the causes for this could be more radiation coming from the Sun. This could be bad news for us, as while there was something the population of the World could have done about pollution, there is little we can do about Solar radiation. In this case the effects of warming will simply have to be accepted, though nations fall.