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From the Disaster-L list serve:

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 01:53:10 -0800
From: Rick <>
Subject: [DISASTER] El Nino

Did any of you hear John Zajack about 4 weeks ago on "Dreamland?" John stated that over a thousand underwater volcanoes and fissures have recently been discovered in the viscinity of Easter Island. If there are so many clustered in such a small area, then how many are there total spread throughout the South Pacific. If we conjecture magma flow is being caused by a magnetic shift (or visa versa, I suppose), then it's not hard to imagine what's heating up the ocean. Mainstream meteorologists say ocean currents are causing the weather changes. Oceanographers say atmospheric changes are heating the ocean, and causing current changes. But, what's the ultimate cause? I subscribe to Zajack's vulcanology theory.

Rick Jackson

You know, I swear I learned in my 5th grade science class that water more than a 1/2 mile deep was heated by volcanic activity and volcanic activity was caused by variations in earth's magnetism. No solution was given for what causes earth's magnetism but we know that now don't we!?! From a logical point of view it makes total sense. Show me sunlight that reaches down more than 500 feet in the water. It doesn't happen. I will say that I had this discussion with some friends that I've known since the 5th grade and they looked at me like "what class were you in", though they did agree with the logic.

Offered by John.