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From: Candace Crandall <>
To: <>
Date: 28. oktober 1997 7:11
Subject: Global Warming

The Science & Environmental Policy Project recently issued 38-page report on the global warming issue called The Scientific Case against the Global Climate Treaty. Written by atmospheric physicist S. Fred Singer, the report contains 14 graphs and outlines the current state of global warming research. These are facts, not hype. Several thousand copies of this report have been mailed to members of the news media. However, S.E.P.P. is now making a limited number of copies available to interested others, free of charge. One copy per address.

Those interested should contact Candace Crandall at the e-mail address above. Just say you'd like a copy of The Scientific Case against the Global Climate Treaty and include your name and mailing address.

Dr. S. Fred Singer is a respected member of the scientific community. He devised the currently used satellite instrument for measuring stratospheric ozone, was the first to forecast an increase in atmospheric methane due to human activities, and was principle investigator on an LDEF satellite experiment, retrieved by the space shuttle in 1990. Singer was honored by NASA in 1997 for important contributions to space research. Background information on Fred Singer and abstracts of his current scientific research are posted at the S.E.P.P. web site.