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Return of Nibiru

Here is the section of Alex Merklinger's interview with Jerry Wills. I transcribed it last night. During a recent Mysteries of the Mind interview of Xpeditions Magazine's Jerry Wills (made by Alex Merkilinger on Nov 9, 2001). Alex made the following comments, which I've transcribed below.

Offered by Tim.

[Transcript begins at approximately 2:18 into the show]
Alex: What is in interesting is that everything that we are talking about and speculating on, we will see the answers to it very soon. I think we are, and the reason I say what I am going to say is because of some conversations I've had just in the last two days with some people, we will see all of the things that the ancients left information for us. Whether it's the Pyramids, whether it's Stonehenge, whether it's wherever; and I think that now because of some information Zecharia Sitchin gave at the last conference, which was I think a week ago or maybe two weeks ago down in Sedona, where he actually said when this planet will be coming back. I think he did not say not to say it but I think what I'll do is just kind-of wait 'cause I know some people are doing the story on it and I don't want to blow it for them. But, let me say this everybody, the belief of Zecharia Sitchin about the return of the planet Nibiru is going to be within, let's see we're coming up on 2002, I would say within the next two years. Does that fit with anything you know Jerry?

Jerry: Well, you know we don't have any estimations on that at all Alex. We haven't been privileged to any ancient manuscripts that insinuate that. However, it is clear to us that it is within our lifetime, and we're quite certain that it's within the next few years. But, there's no way of nailing that down or saying with any certainty. However, I've been reading the reports from various astronomy groups, that have forwarded information to us because they know we're interested, and it insinuates this as well.

Alex: I have to tell you, I don't know exactly where Sitchin got his information but obviously, not obviously, my guess would be that it's in his work of translating the Sumerian texts. So that whatever it is that he knows - well - he is now for the first time beginning to tell people actual timeframes and that's interesting because that's going to open up a whole lot of oh, man alive a whole lot of conjecture and a whole lot of speculation by people all over the world, if it is allowed to get out. And I think that's again Jerry like we've been saying. That is kind-of the bottom line. Is the information going to be allowed to get out? I don't know. I don't know how people would react to it. I don't know if they would freak out.
[end transcript]