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Turbine Hub

The sails need to be attached to a hub then inside the geodesic framework. Together they best be put into the position that of the blades of a rotor/turbine, as the blades in a jet-engine! Put the entire structure on a rotating basis, just like a wind arrow rotates along with the wind. Have the structure hanging in a similar structure that is attached to the base. This way, the geodesic framework is free to rotate in any direction and will not be tipped over, as the wind will adjust the position of the framework due to it's pressure on the sails inside.

But as I said, lets build a model, or even better a couple of models, and test out different shapes, sizes and positions of sails, and even sail-flexibility and the flexibility of the entire structure. Where it needs to be rigid and where it needs to be flexible. Bamboo is great for large models! Would we be able to grow bamboo? If so, this would be great for building furniture, strengthening structures, making structures and even piping to lead water through.. there are other uses too and they grow a couple of centimeters a day. Bamboo shoots are edible. How about this?

Offered by Michel.