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Rotating Parts

I agree with you. But the main reason that these things are so expensive is that they use custom molded and machined parts - especially rotating parts. I took a course in engineering dynamics in school last semester and this is definetly the hardest thing to build - the rotating part. Things spinning at 1000-2000 RPM (what you need to get 60Hz AC directly) need to be balanced. I agree that we should not depend on any major companies and I really don't want to spend the $5000 on a commercially avaliable mill.

Does anyone know of any materials (plastic, metal) that can be easily shaped into fins or rotors? If we could find some stuff that didn't require a million dollar laser lathe that the corps use then a layman made turbine would be a snap. I think I remember reading somewhere here that there is something called Alumiweld? How strong is that stuff? Maybe that could be used. The generator is not the hard part, its the rotating part that actually catches the wind.

Offered by Robert.