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Available Parts

An even smarter idea would be to try to spring for a $5000 generator built by professionals. They give out like 5-10kW, which is enough for a well pump.

Part of the reason we need these ideas is because so many of us don't have the resourse$ to buy the generators built by the "profesionals". If we are indeed going down the wrong track then perhaps we need to find the plans to one of these generators and build them ourselves with more readily available parts. If a company is selling them for $5,000 I would bet that $4,000 of that went to labor and profit. Besides, it would do us all some good to study how generators work and new ways of building them because there may not be many "professionals" around in the near future to build or maintain them.

P.S. I don't feel that anybody should throw away their plans or give up their laymen ideas because of what "educated professionals" tell you about what works and what doesn't. Some of the best ideas and inventions have come from the minds of laymen.

Offered by Doug.