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Into the Wind

Would you have to point it into the wind? I was thinking that pointing it upward and leaving it stationary would cause a circular current to form inside, kinda like a 'mold-your-own-tornado'. I know what your saying though, make the whole thing rotate like a big wind-sock. I don't think the big funnel will work at all. If you blow into a paper cone, most of the air blows back. If you blow sideways across it, nothing comes out the bottom. Blah. It would be a pain to build anyway I guess. However, Roger’s idea of putting the funnel sideways made me think of wind-socks. Rather than a regular spinning generator, it might be possible to make a large wind-sock electrostatic generator. No spinning parts, just negative strips flapping in the wind in some controllable fashion, like that 'flapper' device I posted a link to a couple days ago. Of course it would be more complicated then that, and I don't know how rain or humidity effects those types of things. (not to mention that things like that can throw lethal sparks if they are large enough.) It would take a lot of doing & testing.

Offered by Joe.