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Focus the Wind

A turbine is just a bladed thing that turns when the wind blows. Most of the wind isn't really used. (I don't think) Analogy:

I'm wondering how one might focus the various wind currents into a small point, increasing the air-pressure per square cm against a much smaller turbine. This would make more efficient use of the wind and the generator would turn with greater oomph. Imagine collecting all the surrounding wind currents and focusing them to a small, but powerful jet spray of air. Even slow breezes might be focusable to a usable amount. The structure might involve something like a very large, stationary box or cylinder, with inner structure designed to focus wind to the small generator in the center. The wind would be collected in such a way that it can come from any angle, but will get 'caught in the trap'. I still have no idea how to build one, but the idea seemed at least theoretically possible.

Offered by Joe.