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Hey, check this out. (I'm saving the information, if it doesn't work then I'll provide it.) Look at the bottom of the page, he says if you make a large enough "flapper", you might actually create lethal amounts of voltage. A generator like this would be perfect for a windmill, because you could design one to be the windmill. So instead of a windmill driving a generator, you just use the rotating part as the "wing".

The problem to overcome would be to allow full rotation, instead of flapping motion. High voltage like this can be used to power neon bulbs, possibly other types. Would be nice to find out how to make a homemade "neon" bulb that could be powered with a non-standard device like this. I think your muscles are electrostatic motors driven by chemical reactions, but this would be an electrostatic generator. The human body is an advanced machine, so if it uses electrostatic anything it's probably better. As far as generation is concerned, the body generates measureable electricity as well - if only a by-product of something more efficient happening. Put volt-meter probes to your temples or spine, the readings get higher there on both AC and DC settings.

I'll probably soon make a small model that can spin 360 degrees instead of flap. (small to be safe) and see how good it lights up LED's or small neon bulbs, so I'll keep you posted.

Offered by Joe.