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I tried for a few years to convince my family and friends of the coming changes. They all pretty much figure I am “not all there” and they pleasantly "put up" with me and my far-out ideas. I live in the woods by choice, and I and my husband have begun to make our arrangements and put up the storage that we will need henceforth. My siblings pretend that they do not think about these things and my friends are all consumed with their day-to-day existence in the city. There came a time that I just had to put everyone else on a back burner and move along the lines that Great Spirit was showing me. So that is what I do. I have come to the point where it really doesn't matter to me what the others think, or what they think of me. I am making my preparations and no one is going to stop me from it!

Offered by Shekhina.

I know how you feel. I do talk to my friends and most of them do believe something will happen in the coming years.. However being 18 I am from another generation. It's pretty ironic being so young and believing that there will be a polar shift. Normally you would think I would be absorbed in superficial things like "partying with friends". I am a full time student. I have no money and not much time. I guess you could say I am still growing. This school is my fertilizer and when I graduate I will blossom. I think everything going on here in the list serve is great. We all should be prepared for the coming events.

Offered by Morgan.