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icon With Strangers

I find people will listen in strange places. If I am at a garage sale - I might say something like - please don' t ask me why I bought this, you will probably will think I am crazy. I might repeat this several ways until they become interested and want to know and almost beg me to tell them. Then I say its OK you can think I am crazy. And I am off asking why do you thing the weather is getting worse and worse each year. Used other techniques also, but the point is no one knows where you live and who you are so you can tell it like it is. I have had good interest and questions so far. 4 good conversations with a fifth person walking away saying it will never happen. This by the way was a Buddhist story writer. I was standing looking at a video recorder once several months ago and I began to question a customer standing next to me about which products were the best. He had quite an opinion and had done quite a study. I took it all in asked lots of questions then turned the conversation around and gradually got into the pole shift.

None of these people will be the same ever since. They basically know they have been told the truth. Even if they do nothing now they will remember the conversation as May 2003 approaches. I always make a point of saying the date several times during the conversation and what to look for as the time approaches and where to go. In this way they are programed so that when they wake up they know they must get out of LA and stay away from mountains and water. I always tell them I am working with about 50 friends communicating on the internet to determining how best to survive this event. I have often given out the address. I am basically a shy person, but with the urgency of the event approaching and the need to communicate, I speak out.

Offered by Mike.