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Gradual opening in an environment of social support allows for less difficulty in assimilating high-strangeness information. It is challenging enough to open up to the idea of interacting with "aliens" but being invited to accept coming world disaster can be overwhelming! Many of us do indeed live in two or more worlds, contributing according to our guidance toward consciousness-raising while holding down work which requires our looking most credible to our peers. People who are destined to know more just seem to find out, while others who are not ready to hear seem to miss the obvious. We are all emissaries for the truth on one level or another and it helps to remember that we are not in this alone (though it sure feels like it at times).

It is important that we not overlook the intuitive capacity of the people we encounter from all walks of life. On an energetic level, we are attracted to each other in ways that meet each other's needs. Along with the synchronicity factor, people who are ready to hear will find us. Partly, this is due to the amount of work being done behind the scenes. Even if we don't talk about it or openly promote it, others who are ready to hear will bring it up - often for reasons they cannot consciously explain. By the same token, we should not underestimate our preparedness to talk when the occasion arises ... and it will. Part of the challenge in helping others to open up is seeking to engage natural curiosity before fear can rear up. Humor and paradox are excellent tools for this.

There are a few more innocuous and less-threatening ways of introducing such topics so that the not-ready-to-hear-or-see will not notice, yet those who are ready will. My web page is full of implicit messages and symbols that indicate availability to talk on deeper levels to folks who are ready to see and hear. Humor is a wonderful way to make a back-door entry to opening minds. For example, my links page has a section on therapeutic humor and one link (strangely enough) is about ET-themed humor, complete with further links to the real thing. The top of the computer mini-tower in my office is populated with little alien figures. Mixed in with realistic figures are figures from fiction (e.g.: Yoda), thus reducing the element of possible threat while "teasing" the onlooker to entertain deeper realities. In our reality, the concept of "flirting" is defined strictly as a courtship behavior, wherein the "flirter" reduces risk of discomforting exposure to the "flirtee" by mixing subtle humor with the enticement. The same can be done with possibly threatening information, reducing the emotional risk for both parties.

Offered by Granville.

I myself make some people curious too, but that is what they expect of me when they get to know me. It helps before you are going to talk about it with others who don't know but are open to the data. And that is what people want, rough data. It amazes me sometimes what a little humor can do with 'conservative' types. It is indeed all about mixing the heavy data with some water, the humor is the water. It makes the subject start off on a lighter level and as the other gets more curious so are they more open to hear of what will happen, when and what to do. With me I gave my friends the opportunity to listen and especially be listened to, then they come with those questions themselves.

Offered by Michel.