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Instead of "spreading the words" we could begin by "sowing the seeds", cause it will take time, obviously, and our job looks more like a farmer job preparing the earth and choosing his seeds and places to sow them. You must feel the people you are talking to, adjust your talk, and things like that. You must be so careful to say not too much, not too bad, not too unbelievable. Hard job: if you loose somebody's confidence, you've lost a lot of people, cause another word is spread against you. So what a responsibility! As you might know, I am working in the scientific area. A few days ago, I had the chance to speak about the heating up of the Earth:

You know, I read somewhere, and it makes sense, that the Earth itself, the inner core of it, would be responsible: did you ever try to make water boil or only warm it up with a hair drier?

Actually not!

So, the magnetism could be the reason, I do think it's logical.

Yes, but why a sudden magnetism?

Well, this I do not know, they just assumed it could be a better explanation. Maybe the Earth comes into galactic zones where the magnetic field is stronger. I do not know. But this assumption is clever, isn't it?

It's possible, let's measure it.

Sow the seeds at coffee time. Please all of you on this Troubled Times list serve, examine your progress in life and how you came here! You will certainly understand a lot of things: why you met this one, to do this thing, to learn that thing, and arrive here! It's a magic puzzle I discover every day, and which makes me think God is a rascal one :-)))

Offered by Véronique.