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icon There for Others

With my family, they already think I'm weird because I used to talk about earth changes when I first discovered Cayce, and they haven't happened yet, my brother reminds me. I have mentioned the 2003 pole shift, but just more laughter. Since the times may be so severe after the shift, the ones who don't survive may consider themselves the lucky ones and feel sorry for the rest of us down here. So I don't consider that I'm doing anyone a favor by forcing this information on them if they'd rather not hear it. In fact one of my family has told me he'd definitely prefer to die. What I do plan to do is relocate in a couple years, and be there for them if they do suddenly want to relocate from their homes.

Offered by Milly.

This is my tack too, to get a place in the heartland, middle of the plate, and be there for those who suddenly pay heed. In particular the children, who don't deserve to be subject to the stupidity and cowardice of their elders, poor little tikes!

Offered by Nancy.