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icon Be the Seed

Remember, the difference between early preparation and late preparation is not that great. In either case 1. your home of many years is destroyed and can't be lived in, 2. you must rebuild from straw bales and concrete and have an outhouse, most cases 3. you will eat dried beans and canned fish for awhile, then resign yourself to powdered worms and weed stew. 4. you will notice someone who prepared a bit better, has indoor gardens and fish tanks, and they will seed the know-how out to you so you can be at that level too! Think of yourself as being that seeding source, and expect to be the teacher in the Aftertime.

Its always darkest before the dawn, and in this case, always darkest before the big quakes, worldwide simultaneous quakes, and sighting of the 12th movement which will become evident a couple years from now. In time, you'll look back on this time and wonder where your peace went! You'll be too busy talking to them, and boy, will they be listening. I think of these times as the preparation times, before the onslaught of demands for information. Patience is required at this point, and use this time for preparation, my thoughts.

Offered by Nancy.