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You can’t expect to influence corporate behavior. These decisions come from their top management, based on what they read in the paper, what they hear on TV, what mainstream scientists at universities believe, etc. I don't talk about these issues at work, unless someone brings up geological evidence of past cataclysms (which someone actually did recently) and then I just cite scientific evidence such as the Daly study that shows 16-20" drop in ocean level worldwide approximately 3,500 years ago, coupled with Niagara Falls only having its current course for the last 3-4,000 years, on and on. Science facts. Then magnetic diffusion, where the magnetic field was strongest 2,000 years ago and has been weakening so that it would not exist in 1,280 years or so at the present rate (this is on our web site) and ocean heating from the bottom up, exponential increase in deep earth quakes in 1985 (this is on our web site).

You don't have to cite Troubled Times as the source of information, but can point elsewhere to these statistics. Just say you got the information from the Internet. Then say Sitchin's theory of Nibiru if you want, but always point to other publications or information sources. Let them draw their own conclusion. However, I never broach the subject, and do no more than add to the conversation, not lead it. This is because I too need my job at the present time.

The bottom line is, even if you were to go bonkers and tell some corporate guy all, do a full tilt sales job on him, you would not convince him and he would not move his business to safety, as the governments, TV and newspapers, and scientists in the universities are not saying there is a danger. How could he sell his stockholders and Board members? If he thinks there is a chance, he'd start planning a personal safe place for his family and friends, etc. Business as usual. This is what the New World Order or establishment characters in the know do. They aren't stopping a thing! Big buildings going up here in the Bay Area, plans to put up a new bridge across the bay, all with a straight face. To do otherwise, they fear, is to create panic and this is their big fear.

Offered by Nancy.