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I have to say, and I am not bragging, that at least 85% of the people I talk to listen. I think this stems from a few lessons I have learned over the years in dealing with people. I call it "attitude". They listen because I don't care if they believe me or not, and I don't care what they think of me for saying it. I might stutter a lot, but what the heck. I throw out "feelers" when something comes up about the weather, earthquakes, my maps or they see the alien T-shirts I wear. I see how they react. I watch body language. As soon as I see they are uncomfortable, I stop and change the subject. I call that part "planting seeds". They will remember that little part. When they see the news about another earthquake or something about El Nino or something about a UFO, they will think of what I said. All the neighbor kids here, know I "love" UFO stuff and so do they because someone else has an interest in something they think is "cool". Never underestimate people. They listen more than you think. They might snicker, but they heard me. That's just me and my opinion. I figure if they don't want to hear what I have to say, there's the door :-)

Offered by Clipper.