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icon Mum on ZetaTalk

Sadly, as things look currently, I will be keeping the Zeta information to myself to avoid ridicule. This is why I earlier recommended that we split ZetaTalk and Troubled Times. I could point people to the Troubled Times part, but I am afraid most down-to-earth people would just laugh at me and the Zetas.

Offered by Jan.

Sometimes in conversation I mention the pole shift; people just think I am a bit eccentric. I know they think to themselves: "God, she just believes everything she sees on the Internet". But I have to admit I have never tried mentioning the Zetas. My credibility rating would go down from "a bit eccentric" to "totally nuts". The thing is, if we mention the alien presence in this regard, people will discount everything we say; if we simply mention the pole shift, given what people already have heard about Armageddon, etc., we may have a better chance of at least getting them to investigate. I figure half a loaf is better than none. (So far, though, I don't seem to have succeeded in getting anyone to even investigate. Ah, well!. So much for my theories!)

Offered by Shirley.

The problem with separating ZetaTalk and Troubled Times is that 2003, which is the premise for the hurry here, is based upon ZetaTalk and ZetaTalk solely! Else folks say, "well yes, but that may be in 50,000 years or never". It is well on record that only ZetaTalk said 2003 in 1995, in the Usenets and books and floppy copies on sale, etc., ISCNI, and many notables standing witness. When it is clear that the 7 years that preceded the Jewish Exodus are repeating themselves, and when the 12th becomes visible in the sky just where the Zetas said it would be, then the group will be zillions of times more popular than if it were just another group muttering about the millennium!

Offered by Nancy.