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icon Ant and Grasshopper

Doesn't this remind you of something, everyone? It reminds me a little bit of the fairy tale, "The ant and the Grasshopper". I can't remember it in detail, having read it more years ago than I care to remember; and I think it was one of Aesop's, but then again I'm not sure about that either. In this story, it is summer; the ant is working hard, though, in preparation for the winter, whereas the grasshopper, is just concentrating on enjoying the sun, and having a good time. The ant repeatedly warns him that winter will come, and that he should prepare. The grasshopper says, lighten up, man, you take life far too seriously. Chill out, come have a great time with me! The sun is nice and warm, and if winter is really on its way, let's enjoy the summer while it's still here. But the ant wasn't having any of that. He went on, doggedly preparing for the worst, which, of course, did happen; and while the ant was snug as a bug in a rug in his prepared shelter, the other bug, who didn't even have a rug, froze to death. God! What kind of an education did I get anyway?

Offered by Helena.