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John Dixon

The reason that I'm posting this is to get some help finding a community that is involved in finding solution sets. I've looked on and The Global eco-village Network and have seen a lot of sites that may do what I want to do, but I'm looking for someplace that understands the urgency of finding these solutions and the importance of safe housing. I remember people saying that they were establishing communities and looking for individuals to populate these places. I wasn't interested at the time that I saw these posted, but my attitude and situation have changed. Please respond to me via private email if you are in this situation.

I've come to a point where I can't focus on the work that I'm doing with my current job and need to do what my heart tells me to do. I suppose superficially I have a lot to lose, but I'm young and have skills that are needed almost anywhere (I fix PC's and manage a network with netware servers, NT servers, Unix hosts, and a boatload of PC's/Workstations.) I'm interested in learning and implementing basic communication to allow the sharing of knowledge. I also am very interested in hydroponics and permaculture in general. I'm not afraid of manual labor in the least and would actually relish the opportunity to finally get hands on. If anyone is aware of anyplace that would match my wants and skills to what they need, please let me know.

Offered by John Dixon.


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