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I have read the Troubled Times site for over 1 year now. I also read Millenium Matters, New Heaven & New Earth and subscribe to Gordon Michael Scallion's Earth Changes Reports. In reading thru the Hub's Icons and IRC chat logs I have learned much. I loved the ideas regarding bermed pipe shelters using old corrugated steel pipes and most importantly using spray on foam leak seal/insulation!

I have been spreading the word to family and friends for a long time now and whenever I mention my plans or actions they usually smirk and say for me to stock up enugh for them. Some almost participate (buy land, domes, supplies) but then the present value of the dollar and peer criticism change their minds. I have felt like I was alone in my preparations although I am aware others are also preparing I had no means of contacting or conversing with them. I cannot do this alone. I want to be part of a group to merge ideas, access needed info and/or supplies and most importantly support one another with affirmation.

I am in New Jersey, yet I have not determined elevation or mileage from ocean. I have pretty much battened down the hatches in my present home to hold me over possibly for the present increased storms and stocked up on supplies in case of power outages and supply shortages due to transportation system breakdown, flooding of public water systems and sewage. I recently purchased a 22' motorhome mostly because it comes self-sufficient. It has a generator, alternate battery supply, water storage, refrigeration, heat. My original idea was to use it to commute to the Appalachian mountains and have the conveniences necessary to spend time in a remote location to build an alternate shelter, whether a dome or hopefully be able to burrow the entire motorhome into the side of a hill with additional domes or pipes for living quarters or storage.

At present I feel I am trying to do too much at once. I am stocking up at home, stocking up in the motorhome, want to build a bermed or entirely underground storm cellar here in my yard and yet want to buy land to run to and trying to do so enuf to accomadate anyone. I can't get my priorities straight because I feel there is so much to do and so little time!! I make lists continuously of what I need to purchase, what I need to enhance what I already have, what reference material, but the overwhelming feeling that I can't do it alone is always there. If we group together somewhat now, then all supplies would not be in one place. I need to learn so much: farming, first aid, radiation info, water purification, alternate energy supplies, food preservation, self defense, alternate communication (to who?). Who would I trust, so many know of my concerns and think I'm nuts but I know they will be the first ones at my door looking for help. I even plan what they will have to contribute, skills, etc., forming a group in my mind (hard drive).

Contact Debra.


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