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Star Child?

Have you ever felt that you have landed on the wrong planet at the wrong time?

Do you have problems understanding the crazy world around you, why people are so cruel to each other, and why we ruin the world we live in?

Despair not, you may be here for a reason!

If we believe in the concept of an immortal soul, it should not be too difficult to accept that souls may move between worlds. During a normal lifetime in this world, some live in the same area the whole time, while others may move frequently between cities, countries or continents. Those that do move often do it for a reason, like diplomats and foreign aid workers, others do it out of curiosity.

We live in troubled times indeed, with a shakeout between good and evil. Large cooperatives no longer exist for society's best interests (if they ever did), products are no longer made for filling the needs of the people, but to fill the pockets of the shareholders, owners and management. Politicians, who should have been our servants, use our tax money for their own benefit and power games. Most people don't seem to care, or they don't see what is going on around them, struggling with their everyday lives.

The World will in the near future undergo dramatic changes. The physical reason for this is the 12th planet, also known as Planet X, which regularly passes through our solar system about every 3600th year. It will not collide with Earth, but it will pass close enough to create Worldwide cataclysms and a Pole Shift, terminating our society as we know it. For a while, we may find ourselves back in the Stone Age without supplies and tools, no transportation, no shops, no factories. The only source of survival will be ourselves, our ability to grow food and to organize life for a better world to come. While the Pole Shift may create tremendous challenges for the survivors, it will also create an opportunity for a new society where people live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature. In fact, the Pole Shift will probably be our chance to save the Planet Earth for the future generations.

Being a Star Child means that you really belong somewhere else, but that you have taken on an assignment in the transformation of this world. You may not yet know your exact mission, for some, you may still not even know that you actually have signed up. Just like when a UN force moves into a country like East Timor or Kosovo, there are more and less prominent helpers. You may take pride in knowing that Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein were among the more prominent Star Children, but your next door nurse working at the local hospital may also be a Star Child. According to our benevolent friends, the Zetas, there are currently some hundred thousand Star Children on Earth. Each Star Child has signed up with a mission for the upcoming Pole Shift, but the nature of that mission may not yet be revealed to the individual.

On the personal level, being a Star Child as I know it has not been easy. As a kid, I did not understand the games of the other kids, power games, and why there was such a great difference between people of this world. I believe the concept of cruelty between humans was the most difficult one to understand, and took me the longest time to accept. I have always known right from wrong (even if I have had my wrong-doings like everybody else), but been unable to communicate this knowledge with others without being accused of elitism - "who are you to know", naiveté etc. As a result, I have always been a loner, and never had any real close friends, for the simple reason that I have never found anyone to be on the same wavelength as myself. However, one learns to adjust...

Being a Star Child is not something anyone would ever brag about. In fact, those that do are most likely not. The prominent Star Children may have a crew of helpers assisting them, while simple workers like myself are without any such direct channels. We are supposed to know and do the right thing based upon our internal knowledge, but there is nowhere to turn to for approval and guidance. The literature I have found on Star Children so far may be helpful to some, but does not reflect any of my experiences. Maybe the majority of Star Children are Pleiadians, more focused on the spiritual challenges ahead? Or maybe the available literature is more focused on helping the individual Star Child on his or her awakening? To me, the more focused, no-nonsense discussions about the challenges ahead as presented by the Zetas and discussed by the TT teams have proven much more valuable in understanding the reason for having landed here, and to plan for the challenges ahead.

My children, all five Star Children according to the Zetas, show some of the same erratic behavior as I did as a child. They are however much better adjusted to the society around them than I was, at least so it seems. My son, the oldest of my children, would pass as anybody else. My oldest daughter may have been a bird in her previous life - small and fragile, used to running from any conflicts, but would still do exactly as she pleased. The in-between, no. Number three is the one that resembles me the most. A bit on the lazy side, adds weight easily, but has a will of steel. Quite the opposite of her older sister, she never runs away from any conflicts but deals with them then and there. No. four seems to be the most mature, no-nonsense of them all. While none of them are fully aware of the upcoming challenges yet, I feel confident that they will be up to their assignments, whatever that is, when that most terrible day arrives.

Star Children come from many different places, with different missions. I do not yet know the exact details of my mission, but I believe the main goal to be to organize the survival of others, so that they may fulfill their post-PS missions organizing the new society. Whatever it is, I look forward to participating in the most important events in Planet Earth's history!

Offered by Jan.