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Jan's Story

More than once, I have felt that I have landed on the wrong planet at the wrong time, wondering what the heck people are thinking about when they ruin the world we live on, find pleasure in destroying each other's lives or play their silly power games.

Before I found ZetaTalk, I had more or less given up finding out why I was here, and had reluctantly come to accept the way things were. Since my twenties, I have been very interested in "alternative" knowledge, read von Däniken a lot, switched to Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy, Theosophy) and "everything" else - UFOs, near-death, Nostradamus, the Revelation etc. (Never came across Velikovsky or Sitchin, though.) I reached my conclusions 10 - 15 years back, and have been concentrating on everything else. One night surfing the net, I happened to follow a link to ZetaTalk. I think I stayed for hours (at least my fading memory tells me so), and I came back many times over the next months. At first, I could not believe that there was in fact a source stating it as it is, giving real, no-nonsense knowledge about the obscure.

ZetaTalk was the first place where I read about Star Children. I have never been very interested in the spiritual and emotional side of things, so if anyone had approached me about such matters I would probably not be listening. However, ZetaTalk explained things I just "knew" and gave new meaning to a lot of things I had never accepted the official explanation of.

Reading about Star Children, I felt more and more that they, contrary to other sources like Brad Stieger or Sheldon Nidle, were describing me and my view of the world. I finally asked the Zetas through Nancy, and even if they offered no details, I was pleased indeed by their answer that "You are indeed from elsewhere". Having later learned that my 5 children are Star Children as well, I feel humble and honored, but more important, it has helped me understand what challenges they struggle with, just as I did.

According to the Zetas there are currently only about 12,000 contactees, but some hundred thousand foreign souls incarnated on Earth. Still, TT seems to have many contactees as members, but few if any Star Children. Maybe because there are no physical signs like the members of the breeding program can show, or maybe because the idea of coming forward as a Star Child would generate negative reactions from others.

Knowing which tremendous difference it has made to me knowing why I am different, helping me to focus on what is important for the coming challenges, I believe others may benefit from more openness in this area. I have therefore written an introductory page to what I hope could be posted on the TT site as a new SC team, and would be happy to be the contact for anybody interested in the area.

Offered by Jan.