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Bill's Story

I discovered ZetaTalk and Trouble Times only after I became aware that I was having extraterrestrial contacts at the beginning of this year. I have read at ZetaTalk that most contacts will be recorded in the subconscious due to rules of engagement. However, for whatever reason, I have had a number of experiences which I can consciously recall, albeit many of the details allude me. I am unsure of the origin of many of the experiences, which are bizarre beyond imagination, but I sense that at least 4 of them involved some kind of non-visual, quasi-physical contact with Zetas which occurred in theta brain-wave state. One of my experiences which occurred several months ago was very meaningful to me. I remember lying in a prone position. Suddenly I became aware that a group of entities had descended upon me and essentially enveloped me. I could physically feel then pressing on my back. But more than that I could feel an incredible amount of energy flowing from their presence. My brain was paralyzed by the oddity of this event. But rather than remain motionless I attempted a kiss and believe it or not I think I kissed an alien on the forehead. Then I emerged from the experience. Weird! I know. This was a non-visual experience so I can't say if these visitors were actually Zetas. But after reading some literature on the Zetas, I would have to guess they were involved.

So why do I relate my experience to you? I think that hearing other people's stories can help us all integrate the alternative realities which lie in our future. I'm sure many people have had contacts, but simply haven't translated them into their waking beta-state consciousness. In addition to hearing other people's stories, I would suggest reading books by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest. I personally feel that their channeled material is superb. Reading their work will help people in the initiation and integration of multidimensional ET contacts.

Offered by Bill.